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(To print this worksheet, I recommend downloading the free .pdf file from my Happiness Resources page.)

Don’t lose your social connections when you retire! Your network is like a convoy of ships. You travel through life together, but remain independent. You each provide support to the convoy, and receive support from being part of the convoy. Members change over time, or stay the same for many years.

Complete this worksheet by thinking about the people in your life. The circles represent how close and important they are to you. In your inner circle, write the initials of people that you can’t imagine living without. In your middle circle, write the initials of people not as close, but still very important to you. And in your outer circle, write the initials of people who are even less close, but still important enough to be in your personal network. Try to identify at least ten people who are close and important to you.

Now, mark which people are associated with your work. Most of them will not be in your convoy after you retire. How can you build relationships now, that will continue into your Retirement Circles, later?

© 2006 John E. Nelson. Adapted from the Convoy Model of Social Relations, by Toni C. Antonucci.